Hi! I'm Elie, human, leadership, & business development geek.

Welcome, to my website and blog.

I care about one thing above all else, living an extraordinary life and empowering others to do the same. 

Born and raised in Lebanon, the foundation of my business philosophy is hospitality: welcoming my stakeholders to a unique, transformative and fulfilling experience that happens 'for' and not 'to' them. 

This site should be no exception. I hope to offer you value in every word I share. 

I have grown tired of trying to define my self as a "consultant", "founder", "coach", "emotional intelligence trainer", "speaker"... 

The truth is, I am a passionate human being, pulled by my aspirations to create businesses and experiences in which I coach, educate, and empower humans to start living passionate, prosperous, and authentic Lives.


I currently run a leadership development company called Lead From Within, I coach amazing people 1-1 and am traveling the world on a self-leadership research project.


"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does."

William James


Thank you, you are helping save lives. 

Whenever you contribute to my work, whether you read my blog, enroll in 1-1 coaching, attend my workshops. 3 percent of the profits are donated to Free The Slaves (FTS).
Believe it or not more than 40 Million people are enslaved today. That's 10 times the population of my home country.
With each donation, FTS uses the funds to empower victims of human trafficking to start businesses as well as support local Police to arrest perpetrators. I believe It is an important way of contributing to a more harmonious world and fits my mission of creating more prosperity by helping individuals realize their potential. 

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