Bridge Over River

"For all of you out there who have a high pressure, overachiever’s life - trust me, Elie is a game changer."- Robert Lux, Prop Trader & Global Poker Champion, London

Who I work with

Whether they hire me to be their coach, attend my workshops or simply follow my content, my clients are those who are, in the words of Theodore Roosevelt, in the arena

They are accomplished individuals. They are professional and passionate go-gettersThey want to improve in all areas of their lives and care about the impact they have on others. 

It has been my great privilege to personally coach a wide variety of extraordinary human beings. I have worked with individuals as young as 26 and as old as 72. I’ve touched the lives of CEOs & VPs of multi-million dollar corporations, hedge fund MDs, Entrepreneurs, high potential mid-managers, professional artists, diamond traders, investors, and MBA students.

My clients often find me for one of three reasons:

  1. To create more success and meaning in their business and career.

  2. To create a culture and relationships they are absolutely passionate about.

  3. To create their dream lifestyle.

i.e: to start LIVING with a big L. 

They are fully aware that to ask for the above is to take risk — they are willing to get uncomfortable to get what they want.

They take action.

This is worth repeating, they take action.

Last but not least, I work with them not because they need me, but because they inspire me!

Here's whom I don’t work with:

Those who...

  • Expect success to be delivered to them

  • Want to be rescued

  • Are dishonest

  • Take commitment lightly

  • Are not willing to make mistakes and fail even if it is scary

  • Recurrently blame others or circumstances

  • Think they have it all figured out

  • Expect me to work harder at their life then they do

... in short, the critics.


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