Born November 9

Beirut, Lebanon

Times of civil war, my mother fled the country to Canada.
Played a big role in my ability to adapt and be resourceful in any environment.


School in Lebanon

Went to a competitive and strict Jesuit school. 
Very grateful for my solid education, yet I sometimes think it is one of the reasons I am acutely aware of the limitations of rigid conventions. 
Many local sports achievements in Judo, Tennis, Table Tennis, Football and Basketball.


Lebano-Israeli war

Fled Lebanon again, this time on a boat. Ended up living in Cyprus for a few months. First long term foreign experience.
Learned to Love reading (Think and Grow Rich and Rich Dad Poor Dad) & Introspecting.

2007 - 2013

College Years in Lebanon and USA

BSc in Engineering from AUB - Summer exchange at UC Berkeley.
MSc in Operations Research & Entrepreneurship from Columbia University.
Internships in Banking, Management Consulting and Ecommerce in Beirut, Dubai and Kuala Lumpur

2013 - 2016

NYC & SF Tech Scenes

Endless hours consulting, coaching, executing for Tech Startup Entrepreneurs and Sales people.
Religiously attending Toastmasters meetings, Meditation groups (shambhala , vipassana), Tango classes.
Started coaching part time after receiving my coaching certification from CTI (ranked #1 in the industry).

2016 - 2018


Held a full time Engagement manager role at an AI company. Spent all my free time coaching.
Ended up coaching the VP of the company (still working together to this day), which opened many doors.
Co-created powerful Leadership development workshops and delivered them in US and Europe.


Lead From Within
World Travel

Left my job and living my dream of running a human & leadership development company, coaching amazing people, creating useful content and traveling the world!
Also learning Spanish...of course.


Who I am in 3's

My 3 core values

-Passion: Pursuing a craft and mission I am deeply passionate about, day in, day out

-Courage: Staying true to myself no matter how strong the temptations are

-Relationships: The real fruit of my labor

My 3 favorite quotes

-"A (wo)man is rich in relation to the things (s)he can let go of" - Henry David Thoreau

-"And, in the midst of winter, I found within me an eternal summer" - Albert Camus

-"If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours" - Henry David Thoreau

Setting the Table:

The transforming power of hospitality in Business 

Danny Meyer

My 3 biggest accomplishments

- Overcome Alcoholism at 22. Huge blessing which set the stage for the work I do today

- Lived in NYC, SF, London, KL, Dubai, Beirut, Montreal and traveled to more than 40 countries before I turned 27
- Left my job at 29 to focus fully on creating my dream life after years working part-time on creating a solid client base and enough passive income to cover my basic expenses

3 things I cannot do without

- Diversity 

- Nature

- Alone Time

My top 3 hobbies

- Dancing (Tango, Kizomba, Movement Medicine)

- Exercising (Yoga, Outdoors, Gym)

- Exploring cultures through food and conscious conversations 

3 things I don't want you

to know about me

- I have periods of high insecurity and anxiety

- I can spend hours scratching an itch, ruminating and getting nothing done

- When I get stressed, I pluck hair out of my chin

(Ouch, that was vulnerable...)

My 3 favorite books


Hermann Hesse

All Humans are brothers

Mahatma Gandhi

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