A message to my overachiever.

Dear Overachiever,

Forgive me for not having it all figured out.

For not working as hard as you want me to.

Forgive me for not making the best of each and every moment.

For not being where you expected me to be by now.

Forgive me for wasting my energy.

For getting distracted.

For indulging in Netflix.

Forgive me for not always feeling enthusiastic.

For my stupid mistakes.

Forgive me for wanting to hide and avoid tough conversations.

Forgive me for letting fear take over.

Forgive me for not being up to the task you have envisioned for me.

Forgive me for not meeting your expectations.

Forgive me for not being perfect.

Dear Overachiever,

I forgive you for being so serious.

For putting such pressure on me.

I forgive you for criticizing me.

For attaching my self worth to how performant I am.

Or worse, how I compare to others.

I forgive you for thinking you are special and different.

For expecting the impossible.

For never being satisfied.

I forgive you for forgetting I am human.

Dear Overachiever,

Please, let us work hand in hand together.

To create a healthy, supportive relationship.

Let us give and take with each other.

And find ways to honor both our values.

If we do,

We can have not only success but a rich quality of life.

We can work on our dreams not only with ambition but Love, Joy and Humor.

We can have Humility, Humanity and Compassion for ourselves and others.

Together, we can make life wonderful.


© 2019 by Elie Dagher.