• Elie

Children of Diversity.

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

My opinion does not matter.

Who am I to decide what is right or wrong?

Who am I to assume my thoughts onto you?

Who am I to hold judgements, any judgement?

Who am I to assume to know what is best for you?

Thereby disqualifying all that you are and have lived.

Who am I to benefit at your expense?

Who am I to share more than my experiences, my values, my preferences?

Our planet has thrived on diversity.

We are the result of endless mixes and evolutions.

When we put up walls against differences.

When we discriminate, hold opinions, prejudice...

We are rejecting the essence which forms us.

We are killing our own Parent.

Harmony is the elixir of life,

The colors, the music of life...

No matter how much we have,

If we do not live in a harmonious world.

We are all terribly poor.

I understand, sometimes we are not meant to be together in a certain way.

Creating our optimal way to be is then the key.

There is room for everyone to Live happy and free.

The quality of our life, is the quality of our relationships.

We deserve to make life wonderful for ourselves and each other.

But how??

That has already been figured out for us.

Search hard within yourself, until you find the Sun.

"And in the midst of winter, I found, there was within me, an invincible summer" - Albert Camus.


© 2019 by Elie Dagher.