Conscious & Profitable: the only way forward.

IKEA does it again. It lended it's parking garage so that more than 800 Muslims could pray together during the COVID-19/Ramadan coinciding period in Germany.

Here's the full article.

This is what Conscious Capitalism looks like. So many people discredit a conscious and caring effort because it came with a profit. And so many people turn down profit for fear of polluting their conscious efforts.

Conscious and Profitable do not have to be separate. They must not be separate. That is the only way forward.

Resources are the lifeblood of an organization. An organization can carry any cause forward. The more resources an organization has, the more it is empowered to support the causes it believes in. Not only that, this creates a feedback loop. IKEA did not charge the Muslim community for use of it's parking space but it will reap tremendous marketing benefits (my post is a case in point) as well as customer loyalty - which at the end of the day will translate into higher Profits. Is there anything wrong with that? Not one bit if you ask me.

As an individual or a business, what contribution can you make that will serve your community & advance your affairs? Do it! It's a win/win.


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