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Ignatian Leadership Day, Lebanon.

Updated: May 15

I've had the pleasure to be invited to a seminar on Ignatian Leadership at the Saint Joseph University in Beirut. It was lead by Father P Dardis, General Counsellor for Discernment and Apostolic Planning to the Jesuits in Roma.

I enjoyed it a lot. It strongly echoed my own philosophy of Self Leadership. I was glad to confirm there actually is a method to my madness.

Here are my notes:

Instead of "Employee" let us adopt "Collaborator". It is more empowering.

To imagine possibilities is a source of healing.

"Imagining my possibilities, I become prophet of my own existence."- Unknown

Ignatian Leadership strongly encourages the authentic liberation of the person.

It has a strong focus on the whole person, what they call "Cura Personalis" (literally care for the entire person) rather than a single focus on end results.

The 3 dimensions of Cura Personalis:

- Knowing. (Theories, Models, Frameworks...)

- Being. (Values, Beliefs, Attitude...)

- Doing. (Skills, Competencies, Techniques...)

With advertising, our dreams become too small.

The mission of higher education is to go in depth.

Some advertising however holds higher values such as IKEA's Navidad 2018 (highly recommended) as well as Vistaprint's "The Postcard" (below).

Touched numerous times on the subject of Exclusion. We should not be living in a world where anyone is discarded.

As leaders we have to engender Gratitude.

When the starting point is gratitude then we can make more things happen, we are more resilient and more open to change.

When we start with problems we quickly face resistance.

"If the only prayer you ever say is Thank you, that will be enough." Eckhart Tolle.

Pause for a minute. Think about a moment that changed your life. What provoked this change?

It is about time we integrate Spirituality into Leadership and Organizations. Not religion, but spirituality.

We need to start with Vulnerability.

Another important maxim of Ignatian Leadership is of being on the Frontiers. The Frontiers is where meaningful change takes effect.

Important Leadership traits for our new era:

1- Vision.

2- Gratitude as vital ingredient.

3- Desire and ability to reconcile conflicts.

4- Open mindedness.

5- Business and Management skills.

6- Relational and collaborative capacity.

7- A spirituality.

Ignatian Leadership is about accompanying someone or a group. It is also about accessibility.

Strong emphasis on leaving space for others to think for themselves, find their own answers and be self empowered.

“You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself” - Galileo Galilei

Instead of asking "Am I relevant", ask "Am I in the right place? Am I making a difference?"

Strong emphasis on the importance of having Dreams.

"Nothing much happens without a dream. For something great to happens, it takes a really great dream." - Robert Greenleaf, Servant Leadership.

To connect to a dream is very important. It gives focus. Fulfilling Dreams are about making the biggest difference. How to reach our Dreams?

"Start by doing the necessary, then do what's possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible" - Francis of Assisi.

Ignation Leadership is about fostering the below:

1- Gratitude.

2- Growth/Progress.

3- Personal Authenticity.

4- A sense of vocation.

5- Mission: caring about the culture and values of the Organization.

A powerful tool for growth: Appreciative Inquiry.

It is the practice of building on what is good and working well, what we want more off, rather than focusing on what is lacking. It is about being a detective to anticipate and grow positive potential.

1- It generates positive emotions.

2- It improves the context of relationships.

3- It engenders more concrete and creative ideas.

4- It generates more enthusiasm.

Thereby accelerating attainment of results.

Example of appreciative inquiry: What do you appreciate most about your organisation? What is working well? What are your 3 aspirations for your organisation?

Father Dardis left us with the below video:

If you'd like to learn more about Ignatian Leadership, check out this website: https://www.pilgrimleadership.com

It contains invaluable tools and resources.

Cheers to your fulfillment!


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