• Elie

Kindness, a manifesto.

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Being Kind is not necessarily soft, that’s being Nice.

Being Kind, sometimes, is Hard, very Hard.

The test of kindness is when every cell in your body urges you to respond with exhaserbation, with resentment, with vengeance, with anger, pointing fingers or even the polar opposite, avoidance.

Kindness is going against the impulse to prove someone wrong, or hide.

Kindness is focusing on progress rather than being right. 

Kindness, is respect and value of myself and other.

Kindness is seeing the other’s point of view, without compromising mine.

Kindness is clear communication.

Kindness is letting go of the insecure voices within me. 

Kindness is letting go of taking things personally.

Kindness is letting go of assumptions.  

Kindness is consciously & thoughtfully speaking my full truth. 

Kindness is result oriented.

Not the short term, instantly gratifying result.

The long term, truly rewarding one for all.

Kindness without results is not Kindness, it is wishful thinking.

Kindness is collaborative.

Kindness is assertive.

Kindness is confident.

Kindness can be a clear NO! 

Kindness is getting things done while caring for the health of our relationships.

Which, ultimately, makes it the most effective way. 

I started out thinking I knew Kindness. Only to figure out it was the mastery of a Lifetime.

We can change our world, one act of kindness at a time. 

So when in doubt, Be Kind. 

Kind to yourself and to others.

Enrich your surroundings for your being there. 

Be Kind.


© 2019 by Elie Dagher.