• Elie

In it for the Grind.

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

I am not here to be famous.

To win accolades, trophies or have my name be on fancy lists.

I am not here to compete with anyone.

Nor have anything to prove.

I am here on a personal mission:

To honestly express myself through my work.

To deeply inspire people to live extraordinary lives.

To produce the absolute best quality I can.

To further my craft.

To loose myself in never ending improvement.

I am here to overcome my daily internal battles.

To break my shackles.

To grow every day and witness how my life evolves as I do.

I am here to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Not only the financial fruits, but who I am becoming and how it’s affecting my experience of life.

I am here to fulfil, or maybe create, my destiny. Who knows...

I am here to offer outstanding service.

To make a difference.

A meaningful, sustainable, difference for all my stakeholders.

I am here to pay honor to everyone who has invested in me generously.

I am here for the grind.

I am here for the discovery of what everyday, every corner of the world, every encounter, every client, every partner has to offer.

I am here to Dance with it all.

No matter how hard it gets...

I am here, till I die.


© 2019 by Elie Dagher.