Our environments make or break us.

If we want to be the people we aspire to be, we have to find the environment that aligns with that. We have to.

This is as true for our Work as it is for our Personal lives.

My time in Lebanon last month strongly reminded me of that.

We can have all the will power, desire, drive in the world. We can take intensive action, and do all that is necessary. Yet if our environment is not aligned with our direction, if it is pulling us down, most of our efforts will be in vain.

It is no coincidence that Olympic Gold Medalist are often from similar countries.

That the best Basket Ball players in the world played in the NBA.

That so many of the startups that shaped our current society came from Silicon Valley.

We have to find the “NBA” which applies to us and do our best to play in that league, in any way, shape, or form.

This can only happen after we have defined success, professional and personal, in terms of external results but also "who" we are aiming to grow into. 

Needless for me to say that this not only applies at the Country level, but trickles down all the way to our teams, friends and even, if I dare say, our families.

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