Fall Foliage

"Although my life seemed successful, I felt bored and burnt out. Working with Elie has helped me find my passion, and I’m learning how to incorporate it in every aspect of my life. Our sessions were very helpful in allowing me to develop the vulnerability that I need as a compassionate global leader. The result is that today, I have better life balance and a job I Love" - Amanda Spencer, Global Financial Controller, Managing Director, Neuberger Berman

I supported a silicon valley CEO through the restructuring of his 25 year old firm into an innovative business which perfectly suits his values, passions, aspirations and desired lifestyle. 
He mentioned "You have been an instrumental part in giving me the confidence and vision to re-create my company and life"

I supported a Tech CEO (MIT phd graduate) and his whole management team to create a culture of self leadership, of collaboration, of empathic listening and creativity.

I supported a Manufacturing manager to go from having a passion to creating a prosperous business which brings in solid income. We are still working together and I am betting on him making all his income from his passion; soon exceeding his corporate salary.

I supported a Director of Sales to deeply believe in herself and her dreams, to go out there and make it happen. Today along side her job, she is a resident DJ and is being paid to travel and play her music in places such as Burning Man.

I supported a Hedge Fund MD to develop the emotional intelligence, communication skills and courage to step up as female global leader in a male dominated world. After she had achieved her goals, she wanted more so we worked closely on bringing her passion and purpose as an integral part of her work - today she is in a different firm doing work she loves having the work life balance she dreamt about. She was “bored and burned out”, she is now “happy and alive”.

I worked with a consulting professional seeking more meaning and direction in his life - after working close to burn out, he took a sabbatical unsure of what he was aiming for. He thought me out to make the best of his down time. Today, 7 months after working together, he wakes up with a sense of purpose and can’t wait to get cranking on his mission, he has his schedule nailed down to the T, found work that is more aligned with his aspirations and is exploring ways of making a living out of his passion. 
He said to me -  “I am so grateful for having you in my life, you have literally turned my life around, I feel unstoppable”.


“I am so thankful to Elie for continuing to believe in me even when I didn't believe in myself.

As a result of our ​coaching, I learned how to effectively speak my truth and practice courage.

I now have a new job I am very excited about, my friendships and personal relationships are deepening, and I've been more consistent with my physical activity goals than ever before.


Elie is incredibly smart, thoughtful, and so generous with his attention. He is patient but challenges you, gentle, but firm. A truly gifted coach who unlocks who you are and supports you in being the absolute best ​version of yourself.”

Tisha Tucker

Senior Associate, ICF, Greater NYC area

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